About Us

We are a family business with an international team of specialists in pet food supplements.

Based on our knowledge and experience, our priority is to offer you Snacks of the highest quality for your pets.

We want to ensure a stable supply, stable quality, interesting new products and especially communication. We wish you a long and fun life with your pets.

Mainly in good health. In 2015, we launched the first 13 Woolf Snacks products in cooperation with our partners.

A year later, we successfully introduced other innovations, including the Woolfies dental series. Now you can buy 35 kinds of quality meat Snacks and 7 kinds of dental Snacks.

Company seat

Animal Kingdom s.r.o.
Hevlínská 435/8
155 21, Praha 5 - Zličín
Czech republic

Tel.: +420 776 778 657
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Animal Kingdom s.r.o.
Argo Alpha Building
5th floor
Evropská 846/176a
160 00, Praha 6 - Vokovice
Czech republic

Prima Warehousing and Distribution s.r.o.
Areál Mototechna
Bavorská 856/14
155 00, Praha 5 - Zličín
Czech republic

Tel.: +420 734 852 201
Opening hours: 8:00-16:00 h.

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